Armored Saint - Punching The Sky (CD)

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Land:  Europe  
Label: Metal Blade Records
Genre:  Rock
Sub Genre:  Heavy Metal
Formaat:  CD, Album + DVD-V + Dlx, Dig
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)




CD-1. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants 6:46
CD-2. End Of The Attention Span 5:13
CD-3. Bubble 5:22
CD-4. My Jurisdiction 4:38
CD-5. Do Wrong To None 5:06
CD-6. Lone Wolf 4:18
CD-7. Missile To Gun 4:23
CD-8. Fly In The Ointment 5:02
CD-9. Bark, No Bite 4:18
CD-10. Unfair 4:03
CD-11. Never You Fret 4:19
. Bonus Tracks:
CD-12. For The Sake Of Heaviness (Live At Bang Your Head Festival, Germany, 2019) 4:38
CD-13. Underdogs (Live At Bang Your Head Festival, Germany, 2019 ) 4:13
CD-14. Isolation (Live From Isolation) 3:49
. Bonus DVD: Live At Rock Hard Festival 2018
DVD-1. March Of The Saint
DVD-2. Reign Of Fire
DVD-3. Pay Dirt
DVD-4. Last Train Home
DVD-5. On The Way
DVD-6. Book Of Blood
DVD-7. Spineless
DVD-8. Left Hook From Right Field
DVD-9. Chemical Euphoria
DVD-10. Win Hands Down
DVD-11. Can U Deliver


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