Ayreon - Transitus (CD)

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Land:  Europe  
Label: Music Theories Recordings
Genre:  Rock
Sub Genre:  Prog Rock, Progressive Metal
Formaat:  2xCD, Album + CD, Ins + CD, Voc + DVD-V, Multichan
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)




. Fatum Horrificum 10:23
CD1-2. Daniel's Descent Into Transitus 2:40
CD1-3. Listen To My Story 4:03
CD1-4. Two Worlds Now One 4:06
CD1-5. Talk Of The Town 5:21
CD1-6. Old Friend 1:41
CD1-7. Dumb Piece Of Rock 4:13
CD1-8. Get Out! Now! 5:03
CD1-9. Seven Days, Seven Nights 1:27
CD2-1. Condemned Without A Trial 3:50
CD2-2. Daniel's Funeral 4:58
CD2-3. Hopelessly Slipping Away 4:28
CD2-4. This Human Equation 4:19
CD2-5. Henry's Plot 2:19
CD2-6. Message From Beyond 5:21
CD2-7. Daniel's Vision 1:45
CD2-8. She Is Innocent 2:09
CD2-9. Lavinia's Confession 1:53
CD2-10. Inferno 2:17
CD2-11. Your Story Is Over! 2:42
CD2-12. Abby In Transitus 3:02
CD2-13. The Great Beyond 2:49
. Instrumentals
CD3-1. Fatum Horrificum 10:23
CD3-2. Daniel's Descent Into Transitus 2:40
CD3-3. Listen To My Story 4:03
CD3-4. Two Worlds Now One 3:43
CD3-5. Talk Of The Town 4:53
CD3-6. Old Friend 1:15
CD3-7. Dumb Piece Of Rock 4:13
CD3-8. Get Out! Now! 4:30
CD3-9. Seven Days, Seven Nights 0:55
CD3-10. Condemned Without A Trial 3:31
CD3-11. Daniel's Funeral 4:56
CD3-12. Hopelessly Slipping Away 4:32
CD3-13. This Human Equation 3:36
CD3-14. Henry's Plot 2:20
CD3-15. Message From Beyond 5:21
CD3-16. Daniel's Vision 1:19
CD3-17. She Is Innocent 2:00
CD3-18. Lavinia's Confession 1:52
CD3-19. Inferno 2:18
CD3-20. Your Story Is Over! 2:37
CD3-21. Abby In Transitus 2:33
CD3-22. The Great Beyond 2:22
. Guide Vocals
CD4-1. Guilty 3:03
CD4-2. Daniel's Descent Into Transitus 2:37
CD4-3. Listen To My Story 3:44
CD4-4. Two Worlds Now One 3:43
CD4-5. Talk Of The Town 4:21
CD4-6. Get Out! Now! 4:30
CD4-7. Condemned Without A Trial 3:31
CD4-8. Daniel's Funeral 4:55
CD4-9. Hopelessly Slipping Away 4:31
CD4-10. This Human Equation 3:41
CD4-11. Message From Beyond 5:21
CD4-12. She Is Innocent 1:38
CD4-13. Lavinia's Confession 1:52
CD4-14. Inferno 2:48
CD4-15. Your Story Is Over! 2:07
CD4-16. Abby In Transitus 2:34
CD4-17. The Great Beyond 2:21
. Bonus DVD
DVD-1. Behind The Scenes
DVD-2. 5.1 Audio Mix
DVD-3. 2.0 Hi Res 24 Bit Audio Mix
DVD-4. Videoclip With 2.0 And 5.1 Audio
DVD-5. Hellscore Choir Session
DVD-6. Trailer


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