Golden Earring - Fully Naked

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Land:  Europe  
Label: Music On Vinyl,Sony Music
Genre:  Rock
Sub Genre:  Acoustic, Pop Rock
Formaat:  3xLP, Album
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)




A1. Introduction 1:04
A2. Jangelene 2:46
A3. Another 45 Miles 3:52
A4. Mad Love's Comin' 7:30
B1. Why Do I 4:24
B2. I Can't Sleep Without You 3:27
B3. Weekend Love 2:40
B4. Vanilla Queen 4:46
C1. Twilight Zone 9:13
C2. One Shot Away From Paradise 3:59
C3. Long Blond Animal 5:22
C4. Pouring My Heart Out Again 4:18
D1. Radar Love 7:43
D2. Eight Miles High 4:43
D3. The Naked Truth 4:20
E1. Back Home 3:23
E2. Just A Little Bit Of Piece In My Heart 4:44
E3. Going To The Run 3:57
E4. Jangalene (Alternate) 2:45
E5. Don't Stop The Show 2:26
E6. When The Lady Smiles 5:17
E7. Radar Love (Edit) 4:18
F1. In A Bad Mood 5:10
F2. As Long As The Wind Blows 4:34
F3.1. Please Go 4:04
F3.2. Sound Of The Screaming Day
F4. Murdock 9 6182 3:30
F5. Yellow And Blue 3:08
F6. The Devil Made Me Do It 6:27
F7. Madame Zou Zou 3:45


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