James Blunt - Trouble Revisited (CD)

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Land:  Europe  
Label: Atlantic,Custard Records
Genre:  Rock, Pop
Sub Genre:  
Formaat:  CD, Album + DVD-V + S/Edition
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)




. The Album Some Kind Of Trouble
CD-1. Stay The Night 3:34
CD-2. Dangerous 3:10
CD-3. Best Laid Plans 3:29
CD-4. So Far Gone 3:34
CD-5. No Tears 3:49
CD-6. Superstar 3:48
CD-7. These Are The Words 3:22
CD-8. Calling Out Your Name 3:23
CD-9. Heart Of Gold 3:30
CD-10. I'll Be Your Man 3:36
CD-11. If Time Is All I Have 3:36
CD-12. Empty 0:05
CD-13. Turn Me On 2:29
. Bonus Tracks
CD-14. There She Goes Again 3:51
CD-15. Into The Dark 2:50
CD-16. Stay The Night (Fred Falke Remix) 7:23
CD-17. Dangerous (Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel Remix) 7:05
. Live From Paleo Festival
DVD-1. So Far Gone
DVD-2. Dangerous
DVD-3. Billy
DVD-4. Wisemen
DVD-5. Carry You Home
DVD-6. These Are The Words
DVD-7. I'll Take Everything
DVD-8. Out Of My Mind
DVD-9. Goodbye My Lover
DVD-10. High
DVD-11. Same Mistake
DVD-12. Turn Me On
DVD-13. Superstar
DVD-14. You're Beautiful
DVD-15. So Long, Jimmy
DVD-16. I'll Be Your Man
DVD-17. Stay The Night
DVD-18. 1973
. Music Videos
DVD-19. Stay The Night
DVD-20. So Far Gone
DVD-21. Dangerous
DVD-22. If Time Is All I Have
DVD-23. I'll Be Your Man


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