Armand Schaubroeck Steals - A Lot Of People Would Like To See Armand Schaubroeck ... Dead (LP Tweedehands)

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Land:  US  
Label: Mirror Records Inc.
Genre:  Rock
Sub Genre:  Alternative Rock, Dialogue
Formaat:  3xLP, Album, Quad
Plaat: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Hoes: Very Good Plus (VG+)




A1. Scene 1 Armand (17 Yrs. Old) Confesses His Crimes To A Priest "King Of The Streets"
A2. Scene 2 Armand & Dan Go Down To "Rock A Bowl" To Steal Dimes From Bowling Ball Polischers (50's Live Band Plays In Middle) "I Don't Care"
A3. Scene 3 Out On Bail, Armand Is Alone With Suzie (Night Before Sentencing) "Love For The Last Time"
B1. Scene 4 Elmira Bound
B2. Scene 5 Mr. Tomato, The State Public Relations Director Addresses New Inmates
B3. Scene 6 Dr. Leiderman, State Psychologist, Interviews New Jacks Privately To Determine When They Will See The Parole Board And To What Institution The Inmates Will Be Sent "Games"
B4. Scene 7 Why Do Children Steal? (Armand And Dan's Background)
C1. Scene 8 Christmas Eve In Elmira "Cut My Friend Down"
C2. Scene 9 Dr. Leiderman Interviews Howard Q. Sappy Who Was Sent Up For Attempt Of Suicide "Streetwalker"
C3. Scene 10 A Inmate Reminds Armand Of His Girl "The Young Boy"
D1. Scene 11 A Black And White Are Aguing Over A Comic Book Because Each Wants To Look At All The Colors "I Wish To See Color"
D2. Scene 12 Mental Breakdown In Solitary Confinement "Fading Out"
D3. Scene 13 "We, Like Lost Sheep Are Drifting"
E1. Scene 14 New Young Inmate Meets Lifer
E2. Scene 15 Stage Break (Taped Live) "God Damn You"
E3. Scene 16 Friday Night Radio Plays Old Tune Reminding The Population Of The Streets "Sweet Sister Suzie"
E4. "Turn Off The Sound"
E5. Scene 17 Visiting Day
F1. Scene 18 Night Before Parole Board
F2. "One More Day, One More Night"
F3. Scene 19 Parole Board
F4. Scene 20 Hack Talks To Arm On The Way Out "Ex-Con"
F5. Scene 21 Dan & Armand Meet On The Streets While Going To See Parole Officer
F6. Scene 22 "Warden's Circus"


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