Chris de Burgh - The Legend Of Robin Hood (CD)

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Land:  Europe  
Label: Butler Records (3)
Genre:  Rock, Pop
Sub Genre:  Soft Rock, Pop Rock
Formaat:  2xCD, Album, Dlx
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)




. CD1
1-1. The Robin Hood Overture
1-2. The Tale Of Robin Hood
1-3. The Wedding Feast
1-4. Only A Child
1-5. The Man With The Double Face
1-6. Home From The War (Part One)
1-7. Live Life, Live Well
1-8. Home From The War (Part Two)
1-9. Open Your Eyes
1-10. The Arrest!
1-11. Break The Law!
1-12. In Sherwood Forest
1-13. The Speech To The Outlaws
1-14. Light A Fire!
1-15. The Robbery
1-16. We've Got The Money
1-17. A Love Reavealed
1-18. I Am Falling I Love (All Over Again)
1-19. In Prison
1-20. The Duel
1-21. Where My Last Arrow Falls
1-22. A Man For The Ages
1-23. Legacy
. CD2 - Live 2017
2-1. The Hands Of Man
2-2. Bethlehem
2-3. Lonely Sky
2-4. The Spirit Of Man
2-5. Homeland
2-6. Cry No More
2-7. The Lady In Red
2-8. Don't Pay The Ferryman


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