Edenbridge - The Chronicles of Eden Part 2 (CD)

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Land:  Germany  
Label: Steamhammer
Genre:  Rock
Sub Genre:  Symphonic Metal
Formaat:  2xCD, Comp
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)




CD1-1. Higher 3:51
CD1-2. On The Other Side 4:51
CD1-3. Shiantara 5:51
CD1-4. Alight A New Tomorrow 3:53
CD1-5. Until The End Of Time 4:35
CD1-6. Shadowplay 5:24
CD1-7. The Greatest Gift oft All 12:16
CD1-8. Dynamind (Easter 2020 Version)*Previously unreleased 2:07
CD1-9. Brothers On Diamir 6:51
CD1-10. Paramount (Acoustic Version2020)*Previously unreleased 3:39
CD1-11. Tauerngold 5:36
CD1-12. The Bonding 15:25
CD2-1. Live And Let Go 4:30
CD2-2. Mystic River 7:13
CD2-3. Myearthdream Suite (For Guitar And Orchestra) 6:47
CD2-4. The Moment Is Now 4:23
CD2-5. Skyline's End 5:31
CD2-6. The Memory Hunter 5:02
CD2-7. Remember Me 3:38
CD2-8. Inward Passage 1:19
CD2-9. Paramount 4:21
CD2-10. Higher (Acoustic Version)*Previously unreleased 4:40
CD2-11. Into A Seat Of Souls 4:58
CD2-12. Bon Voyage Vagabond 5:52
CD2-13. Eternity 3:03
CD2-14. Myearthdream 12:37


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