Renaissance - Turn Of The Cards (CD) (CD)

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Land:  USA & Europe  
Label: Esoteric Recordings America
Genre:  Rock
Sub Genre:  Prog Rock, Art Rock, Symphonic Rock
Formaat:  CD, Album, RE, RM + 2xCD + DVD, RE, Multichannel +
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)




. "Turn Of The Cards" Re-Mastered
CD1-1. Running Hard 9:38
CD1-2. I Think Of You 3:09
CD1-3. Things I Don't Understand 9:29
CD1-4. Black Flame 6:26
CD1-5. Cold Is Being 3:02
CD1-6. Mother Russia 9:24
. Bonus Tracks:
CD1-7. Everybody Needs A Friend 3:47
CD1-8. Mother Russia (Single Edit) 3:27
CD1-9. Things I Don't Understand (New Stereo Mix) 9:33
CD1-10. Black Flame (New Stereo Mix) 6:29
CD1-11. Mother Russia (New Stereo Mix) 9:25
. "Live At The Academy Of Music - 17th May 1974"
CD2-1. Can You Understand 10:33
CD2-2. Black Flame 6:48
CD2-3. Carpet Of The Sun 3:41
CD2-4. Cold Is Being 3:09
CD2-5. Things I Don't Understand 9:03
CD2-6. Running Hard 10:24
CD3-1. Ashes Are Burning 16:28
CD3-2. Mother Russia 9:43
CD3-3. Prologue 7:05
. "Turn Of The Cards" 5.1 Surround Sound & High-Resolution Stereo Mixes
DVD-1. Running Hard 9:36
DVD-2. I Think Of You 3:10
DVD-3. Things I Don't Understand 9:34
DVD-4. Black Flame 6:29
DVD-5. Cold Is Being 3:05
DVD-6. Mother Russia 9:26


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