Sorry - Anywhere But Here - Green Transparant Vinyl (LP)

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EAN: 0887828049332


Land: Holland
Released: 2022-10-07
Label: Domino
Genre: Pop, Rock
Sub Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Formaat: LP, Album, 1-LP, Indie Only, Coloured Vinyl
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)


1. Let the Lights On
2. Tell Me
3. Key To the City
4. Willow Tree
5. There's So Many People That Want To Be Loved
6. I Miss the Fool
7. Step
8. Closer
9. Baltimore
10. Hem of the Fray
11. Quit While You're Ahead
12. Screaming In the Rain
13. Again

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