Soulfly - The Soul Remains Insane (LP Box Set)

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EAN: 4050538745115


Land:  US  
Label: BMG
Genre:  Rock
Sub Genre:  Groove Metal, Nu Metal
Formaat:  Box, Comp + 2xLP, Album, RE, Gat + LP, Album, RE +
Plaat: Mint (M)
Hoes: Mint (M)




. Soulfly
A1. Eye For An Eye
A2. No Hope = No Fear
A3. Bleed
A4. Tribe
B1. Bumba
B2. First Commandment
B3. Bumbklaatt
B4. Soulfly
C1. Umbabarauma
C2. Quilombo
C3. Fire
C4. The Song Remains Insane
D1. No
D2. Prejudice
D3. Karmageddon
. Back To The Primitive
E1. Back To The Primitive
E2. Pain
E3. Bring It
E4. Jumpdafuckup
E5. Mulambo
E6. Son Song
F1. Boom
F2. Terrorist
F3. The Prophet
F4. Soulfly II
F5. In Memory Of...
F6. Flyhigh
. Soulfly III
G1. Downstroy
G2. Seek 'N' Strike
G3. Enterfaith
G4. One
H1. L.O.T.M.
H2. Brasil
H3. Tree Of Pain
I1. One Nation
I2. 9-11-01
I3. Call To Arms
I4. Four Elements
J1. Soulfly III
J2. Sanque De Bairro
J3. Zumbi, Blank Space, Outro
. Prophecy
K1. Prophecy
K2. Living Sacrifice
K3. Execution Style
K4. Defeat U
L1. Mars
L2. I Believe
L3. Moses
M1. Born Again Anarchist
M2. Porrada
M3. In The Meantime
N1. Soulfly IV
N2. Wings
N3. March On The River Dina
. Soulfire
O1. Cangaceiro
O2. Ain't No Feeble Bastard
O3. Possibility Of Life's Destruction
O4. Chaos
O5. SoulFire
O6. I Will Refuse
O7. Under The Sun
P1. Tribe (Tribal Terrorism Mix)
P2. Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix)
P3. Umbabarauma (World Cup Mix - Alt. Version)
P4. Terrorist (Total Destruction Mix)
P5. Berimbau Jam


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